Getting reliable car rental services in Singapore

You must have heard about Singapore, which is known to be among the most beautiful and enchanting holiday destinations by almost all. If you are lucky to enough to land on the land of Singapore, then it is high time to explore the cultural and heritage beauty, enchanting wildlife parks and sanctuaries, manmade attractions, theme parks and many more attractions.

Hiring Own Cab – Best Choice


Singapore has been successful in providing the best transportations for the tourists. Among all the modes of transportation, hiring of a personal cab from reliable Singapore car rental has become highly popular among almost all. Apart from providing the comfort of an own cab, you will be able to explore the most important spots hence making your holiday a memorable one.

Places within Reach

Choosing the best packages as per your choice will let you explore some of the most exciting attractions of the country in a delightful manner. Due to the enhancing popularity of the place, the number of tourists is also increasing. As a result, cabs are booked online from a few months earlier to that of the tour planned. This will let you avoid last moment rush. Some of the attractive destinations to be visited through car rental in Singapore include:

  • jurong-singaporeJurong Bird park – It is considered to be the largest park in Asia which is a home to thousands of birds and other exclusive species of the world. You will be glad to find out the largest collection of South Asian Hornbills and Penguins. You may select any day of the week excluding Saturday and Sunday to have a look of some of the immense contributions of the world.
  • Singapore Zoological Gardens – After a visit to the Jurong Bird Park, you may easily head towards the Zoological Gardens with the help of a reliable Singapore car rental service. It can be considered to be a heaven for animal lovers as they will be enjoying the ambience. You can easily interact with those species and finally fetch a wonderful experience to relish forever.
  • Sentosa Island – This Island is highly reputed among all due to the comprising of a mega theme park. Here you can easily keep yourself delighted in water activities like boating, swimming, ferry ride, camping and many more hence refreshing your mind. It’s amazing and charismatic charm will definitely grab your heart along with leaving you spell bound. Among all, the tunnel walk can be considered to be among the most adventurous part.

Besides these tourist spots, Singapore has many other things to offer which can be grabbed and peeped with the help of a reliable Singapore car rental, Click here to book. Apart from visiting some exciting places, you will definitely enjoy visiting the shopping malls along with experiencing the pulsating nightlife and muti cuisine delicacies.

The lost chapter of Malaysia

Malaysia has its origins in the Malay kingdom which became a subject of British Empire from the 18th century. Although Malaysia occupies just a small portion of the globe, it has had one of the best economic records in Asia since its independence. The industrialized market economy has recently developed and is the 3rd largest in Southeast Asia. Such a place with such an interesting history and an even more interesting record needs to be visited. It has an area of 329 847 sq km.

The entry to Malaysia:

twintowerSince I was in Singapore, I was thinking about how I could reach Malaysia. Then I had a plan, I took the ferry!

I took a ferry ride on the first day of my visit and I had booked them already beforehand at easybook. The ferry provided me with great service and I was quite impressed with their services and their rates of course. The journey from Singapore Ferry Terminal to Johor did not take much time, and the ride was easy and very comfortable.

In Kuala Lumpur:

After this, and after much planning and plotting, I finally landed in Malaysia from Johor on one evening from there. The glittering lights of Kuala Lumpur seemed to welcome me and I felt happy that I had finally reached there.

The first visit was to the Petronas Twin Towers; a breath-taking view and a wonderful product of human efforts awaited me there. Next we moved on to the Pinang Peranakan Museum which was also a wonderful place and I wrote down all the necessary information about the place that I could collect from there. Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque was up next. It was a gigantic Mosque with a very fine architecture reflecting the skilled expertise of the hands that built it. It was a wonderfully spent day altogether!

On the next I myself took a stroll around the place early in the morning. The air, the ambience was so amazingly good that I felt as if I was being carried away by it. Then I quickly got ready for my ferry ride through some more tourist spots. The first place was the Rainbow Waterfall What a mind blowing view was it. I must Say I saw Nature at its best! The next place that I visited was Putrajaya Mosque. This was once again a wonderful place, serene, calm and magnificent!

It was now time to get back home. But those two days were spent in bliss, away from the regular stress and tensions, a break from the dull, monotonous and boring schedule. Malaysia struck wonders with its beauty, a fine blending of the natural and artificial. Thus where there were some incredible sights of natural beauty, there were simultaneously the monuments, which were the fruits of human endeavours.  All in all, I quite enjoyed the ferry rides and the subsequent tour of Malaysia.

The Lost Book of Cruise

As the summer vacation was in the way to approach, I was planning to have a recognizable vacation to Malaysia. Suddenly, I was stroke by the idea of enjoying a trip through the cruise which proved really to be of worth. Every now and then my family was in the way of enjoying the vacation in an exclusive manner and finally the dream came true.


Trip to Malaysia – Best Opportunity to Discover Architecture

When it comes to learning much about architecture, Malaysia vacations are considered to be the best. Penang along with other destinations is included into the list which can be easily travelled with a cruise all around Malaysia. Firstly, I sat and had a detailed discussion with my family regarding what they expect from the trip before finalizing the trip. As Malaysia is a very big and enormous place, we decided to choose the cruise package comprising of special attractions for fetching a memorable experience (what is yours?). As I had chosen the right package with the assistance of the agent, I enjoyed a clear scheduling of the vacation. As the tropical climate of Malaysia has been perfect for any type of trip, we hoped to get the maximum output.